Club History


On the 17th of March 1979 the Devils Disciples MC Ireland officially came into existence. The club was formed from a hardcore band of brothers from North County Dublin. The club started from a close-knit brotherhood who craved more than just riding motorcycles and partying together which they had done for a long time previous to this.
On St Patrick’s Day in 1979 the club officially staked its claim in North Dublin by putting up the first red and white patch announcing our arrival on the motorcycle scene in Ireland. The 1970s and 80s were a turbulent time in Ireland for motorcycle clubs with many skirmishes between rival clubs and trouble between mods and rockers, in this time the club developed a fearsome reputation for not backing down from anyone or any challenge put in front of it.
In the 1980s the club started attracting membership, during this time many clubs would fall by the wayside but the Devils Disciples MC would flourish and go from strength to strength. In 1986 the club decided to change patch from the red and white which had served us well to the black and white with a new centre patch to distance ourselves from any association with any international clubs and to also show we were willing to coexist with the clubs who had come through the tough years earlier.
1984 would be the first time that the club colors were flown on a Harley but certainly not the last, at this time club members rode mainly British bikes as Harley’s were not easily accessible and very expensive. Ireland was gripped by recession and many members were unemployed so Harley’s were unattainable. As the 1980s were coming to an end the recession was easing and the club started the transition from British bikes to Harley’s, as the 90s rolled in things were finally looking up and the club started acquiring clubhouses and holding events.
In 1992 the club would hold its first annual Blackhills Custom and Classic Show in the Man O’ War pub in North County Dublin, a show that is still run on the first weekend in July every year but has outgrown the pub due to its popularity, the club is constantly innovating and coming up with fresh new ideas to keep things interesting. The show has since moved to Bellurgan Park in Dundalk County Louth.
As the 90s went by the club decided to make its final change in patch. In 1996 after being involved in an infamous confrontation in Waterford known as the battle of Kilmeaden the club decided to change patch for the last time to show we are a strong independent Irish club with zero association to any big international clubs, this was shown by changing our colors and centre patch.
Our final change was to green and gold, clearly stating our proud Irish roots, a change that was easily accepted because everyone was happy that this patch embodied the spirit and attitude of the club. Throughout the 90s the club would be involved in running pubs in Dublin city like Barnstormers, Fusion, and the Old Barn which provided employment for many members and many great memories for members and customers alike.
In 1998 a club by the name of the Clan mcc came to the notice of the club, known as being a strong outfit with the right credentials to be part of the Devils Disciples MC which now gave the club a new chapter in County Wicklow, along with this came a new show “The Gathering” which is now in its 18th year, it is a laid back old school show in the ideal setting in the south east. As the 90s ended and the new millennium came in the home grown 1% clubs decided to put aside any differences they might have and work together and formed the Alliance Ireland another innovative idea that the club was at the forefront of. This same year seen the club open a new chapter in the Northwest of Ireland.
In 2005 the club went through some changes getting rid of some bad apples and a change in officers and direction for the club. This positive move brought new interest and strengthened our bonds with our Alliance brothers and DDMC clubs around the world.
In 2008 we took the Brotherhood mcc on board as a support club an easy move as the two clubs had developed a strong friendship and good understanding throughout the years. As the years went by the club got stronger and stronger with chapters in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, the Northwest and Northern Ireland.
In 2012 the time was right to put up a Northern Ireland bottom rocker. This was also the year we set up our support crew nation wide, another first for an Irish club.
Sadly 2012 wouldn’t end on the happiest note with the tragic loss of our brother L.J on the 7th of October 2012. April 2013 sadly tragedy hit again when we lost our brother Martin “Rigs” Larkin after a devastating crash on his bike on the 16th of April 2013, gone but never forgotten. The club would be hit again with tragedy when we lost talented tattoo artist and support crew member Paul Hayde on the 2nd of March 2014. Later that year the Cuchulainn Warriors followed by the Spine Riders came on board as support clubs.
Early in 2015 a lot of changes were taking place in the motorcycle scene in Ireland and the Devils Disciples were again at the forefront of things with an unprecedented move shocking the MC world when members of a big international club opted to join the ranks of the DDMCI. The Devils Disciples MC now have members from the top of Ireland to the bottom, from east to west and everywhere in between, valued members of all ages who know what real brotherhood is and what it is to be part of the best motorcycle club in the world. We know our history isn’t squeaky clean but we are proud of it, it’s made us the great club we are today. We look forward to growing our future with the Alliance and our loyal supporters.